Life Skills for teenagers

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  • 13 year old Aayushi asks “Can I make Boyfriends?”
  • Piyush says “ when I want to read I feel instead of English, the words are in french.”
  • After doing MBBS, Tushaar says “I cannot stand the sight of blood”

Have you as a student, teacher or parent found yourself on a threshold where giving answers to questions on life seems impossible?

Do you have difficulties in defining intelligence in today’s technological generation?.

Do you think choosing right career at the right time can save children from falling prey to serious nervousness?

How could teenagers who are in clutches of developmental anxieties be helped?

“Life skills for teenagers” is the guideline to parents, teachers and all those who are instrumental in young children’s lives. The three learning stages for them are

  • Knowing Self
  • Managing Self
  • Developing self

The working theory is that when there is imbalance in adolescents Knowledge, Awareness and Curiosity (KAC) level, they become restless, anxious and start searching answers. The questions are related to various aspects concerning them like Career, Education, Behavior, and personal (CEBP). At such time appropriate Information, Counseling and Guidance(ICG) is needed which can be given by parents, teachers. At present time we cannot eliminate the importance of Professional Counselors and psychologists where parents and teachers are unable to help balance their KAC levels and certain psychotherapeutic interventions are necessary.