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Hello TechnoKids....Beyond Ages

An Online/Personalized Counselling Services For Life

Dr. Rinita Jain is a counseling psychologist and an educator. She has taught, counseled and trained students, teachers and parents across all ages. She graduated with psychology Honors, masters followed with Doctorate. PGDPC (Post graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology) has sharpened her skills for dealing with problems of various age groups.

Her experiences with the present system makes her firm believer of Solution focused Therapy which is come out of shell of problems and work on solution rather on sticking to problems to deal with obstacles of life.

With around 15 years of experience whether worked with Eurokids Internatinal as Academic coordinator or Educomp Datamatics as trainer she felt sometimes the heightened anxiety resulting in stressful situation and cases is only due to unnecessary influence of technology. Some are exploiting it for their favors and some are suffering and being exploited.

Hello Technokids….Beyond ages conceptualizes and promotes Healthy development of individual at all stages of life which is Wonder kids , Life Skills for teenagers ,Youth buzz, Midlife crisis ,Support Aged Care and offers Online/Personalised Counselling when a person gets stuck and feels to empower and take control of their life.

Since years we are talking about change. What should be changed is to be understood with cognitive restructuring. Life Skills and Soft Skills sessions are most appreciated with teachers and parents and helped building an environment for new generation to have positive outlook . Focussed Solution will reflect the services available for schools and colleges.